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Get To Know Our New Head of Performance Marketing, Sarah Socha

London, UK, March 2021

Eyekandy is excited to announce the addition of Sarah Socha to our organization as Head of Performance Marketing. In this role, she is responsible for growing awareness of our services and solutions by forging new relationships with retailers and brands. 

Sarah Socha is a sales ninja and relationship builder who has spent the past 15 years in various sales positions. With a core focus on recruitment in marketing related software vendors, she knows a thing or two about the customer journey across medium to large global corporate clients. Sarah is also our resident style guru who hasn’t forgotten her art and fashion roots from university. When she’s not obsessing over your business and latest runway trends, she’s the perfect mum to her little girl and her Chow Chow – Sir Walter Socha ll.

Our CMO, Garrett Albanese, sat down with Sarah last week to help everyone get to know her a little better. Here’s a look at their chat:

Garrett: We’re so delighted to have you on board at Eyekandy. I’ve observed in the first few weeks in us working together that you have great passion and creative intuition for solving a client’s business challenges. Where does your drive come from to build organizational success?

Sarah: This opportunity is a new challenge for me, but I view myself as a lifelong learner who steps up to challenge to exceed performance. I’ve always been very focused on acquiring new clients, mapping out industries and delivering a strong value proposition that makes my clients believers. This is almost all that I have done to drive business for the past 15 years, so it is simply inherently built into my DNA.

Garrett: What made you interested in Eyekandy as the next chapter in your professional journey? 

Sarah: I was already very familiar with the company and a huge fan of the technology they have developed for retailers with Point and Place®. As a shopper, I personally spend hours online discovering new products. I can really see the value for both retailers and brands in making AR a channel of discovery for the things people love. I’m genuinely excited to be a part of this journey, spreading Eyekandy’s message to more clients globally to educate them on the benefits of our solutions. I can’t wait to see the success of our retail and brand partners selling more!

Garrett: Can you tell me a little bit about what the word partnership means to you?

Sarah: Partnership is the complete understanding of each other’s needs and requirements to achieve mutually beneficial goals. A successful partnership does not happen overnight, it is built over time based on each client’s individual needs and requires a bespoke way of working together. Most importantly Partnerships are built on trust that is gained by proof of delivering a great service and experience. 

Garrett: What is the one most important thing you would tell the younger version of yourself?

Sarah: Just Do it! The only person stopping you from being the best version of yourself is you.

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