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Augmented Reality enables your product to become a Discovery Channel for shoppers like never before.

Our Augmented Reality Solutions

Take control of your messaging in a direct, immersive and interactive way, unlike any other media, using Augmented Reality. 

Discover how we are helping brands and retailers bridge the gap between offline and online to sell more through AR activation.

Augmented Reality solutions by Eyekandy

"64% of marketers are already using or expecting to use AR and VR in the near future”

The Drum

"UK retailer reports 30% uplift in sales with AR”

Dixons Carphone UK

"80% of end users spend more than 1 full minute within each published WebAR experience”

8th Wall

"The Global market of WebAR-compatible devices is over 2.97 billion"

Retail Perceptions

"61% of shoppers prefer to shop from stores offering AR technology over the ones that do not."

Retail Perceptions

"I see AR as being profound. Augmented Reality has the ability to amplify human performance instead of isolating humans. So I am a huge believer in AR"

Tim Cook, Apple

"100 Million consumers will shop using Augmented Reality Online and In-store by 2020"


"AR delivers exceptionally high attention levels. 45% higher than the average we see for TV viewing or general online browsing.”

Neuro-Insight UK

"There will be 3.4 Billion AR compatible Devices by 2022 using ARKit and ARCore."


"I regard Augmented Reality as a big idea like the smartphone. It's for everyone. It's huge."

-Tim Cook, Apple-

Our Recent Projects

AR is not complicated. It simply allows you to overlay digital content into the real world with your phone or tablet. That’s it.

There are many different ways to deploy ‘A-commerce’ Campaigns. Snapchat, Facebook, Custom App development and WebAR are just a few ways that we deploy our Augmented Reality Campaigns.

We are an official Snapchat Creative Partner.
Eyekandy, Official SnapChat Creative Partner

Interactive AR

Interactive AR

In early 2019, General Mills announced two brand-new breakfast cereals called “Fillows”; The marketing teams wanted something new and different to elevate the product. The team at Eyekandy couldn’t resist creating an interactive Fillows Mini-Game that allows shoppers to interact with the packaging.Read more about this project.

SmARt Packaging

Cholula, augmented reality project with image recoqnition technology

Deployed Instore, we used AR Image Recognition technology to overlay existing brand content on the Cholula bottle. We visualised recipes and product information in a fun and engaging way when the shopper pointed their mobile device at the label. Read more about this project.

Snapchat Campaign

Snap Chat Augmented Reality for Walmart

Walmart asked us to create a fun experience for Walmart shoppers to engage with during the summer period. The Snapcode was printed on bags and distributed in-store throughout the months of July and August. Read more about this project.


Interactive AR

Interactive Augmented reality projct for Microsoft surface

Microsoft wanted to visualise to their shoppers how the new Surface Studio product folds from a monitor state to a tablet state. This Interactive AR model was presented at the point of purchase through our Point & Place ®platform. Read more about this project.

We are a full service Augmented Reality Agency. From ideation and creative scope through to production, delivery and reporting. ARe you ready for AR?