Deliver a dynamic new discovery channel for your brand. Activations available in store, online, connected packaging, website product pages and social channels.

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Virtual Worlds

The Metaverse is the new digital frontier for brands to engage consumers where they create an avatar to play, shop, socialize and discover.

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Live Video Shopping

Live video experiences are revolutionising how people shop and learn.

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‘Non-Fungible-Tokens’ Drive brand engagement and community with NFT collectables.

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Four spheres of competence.
Build once, deploy everywhere.

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Harness the fast moving, omni-channel digital tools available to todays’ brand marketeer

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Partners elevated by Eyekandy

  3. M&S
  4. ALCON


"Loved partnering with Eyekandy; the team are professional, creative and understand accountability. We came to eyekandy after a previous partner wasn’t meeting the standards we and our customers expected. Eyekandy took the brief and went beyond my expectations. Their creative and technical understanding of what users want and how they behave is what really blew my mind. Not to mention the speed at which they operated. A great experience all round. We look forward to more cutting-edge innovation in the coming months and years."

Ricc Webb
Global Creative Director


“Very happy to be working with eyekandy. What can I say; a world class team with world class products. Our category is highly regulated & emotive, however the eyekandy team have shown excellent creativity, patience & flexibility that made our jobs internally a lot easier. Bring on the launch!”

Richard Dobson
Global Category Growth Manager


“We’re really pleased with how the Percy campaign went, delighting shoppers and colleagues alike. We are very proud (and protective) of Percy Pig and Eyekandy understand this implicitly - treating the brand respectfully, yet bringing the fun of Percy to shoppers through AR. The campaign was widely shared across social platforms and has the potential for customization at different times of the year. Great job Eyekandy team.”

Olivia Jump
Brand Manager


“My colleagues and I have been partnering with Eyekandy for over a year now and the partnership continues to go from strength to strength. Our standards are high and we need an agency partner that understands this. We also have a specific requirement for digital assets that cut through the noise faced by eyecare professionals worldwide and by innovating together, we’ve changed the landscape of our marketing front end with outstanding, interactive, emerging technology solutions that really set us apart.”

Dhilum Alacon
Global Director, Strategic Devices

Build community, authenticity and trust to drive sales.

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