2D Animation

2D Animation can be utilised in a number of ways to bring life to your product videos, from screen capture demonstrations to fully animated product overviews and feature explanations.

2D animation is one of the most effective ways to clearly convey key messaging to your audience.


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2D animation can be used to bring life to products and services in a way that can not only capture the shoppers’ attention but also deliver key messages and services in a clear and effective way. With animated text layers and simple, brand aligned iconography, 2D animation can explain complex USP’s in a simple, digestible form.

By using character animation, colourful vector based digital graphic creation and post production effects, our talented VFX artists can create visuals that stand out from your competition and convey product messaging directly, tailored to your target market. Customisable and creative; speak with our team today on 2D animation.

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