What we do

We harness the fast moving, emerging digital tools essential for marketing success

Accelerate sales, boost engagement and drive loyalty across The Metaverse, AR & VR, Live Video Shopping and NFTs

Build once, activate everywhere – AR & VR, Virtual Worlds, Live Video Shopping and NFTs

We make the complex simple. As your trusted partner, we support you to meet marketing goals by harnessing the power of emerging digital technologies, creating innovative, engaging content strategies that deliver community, authenticity, buzz, loyalty and attention.
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Augmented Reality enables your product to become a Discovery Channel for shoppers like never before. Take control of your messaging in a direct, immersive and interactive way, unlike any other media.
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Virtual worlds

Build community, loyalty and advocates for your brand, without borders. We bring together various technologies to offer immersive and rewarding experiences virtually.
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Live Video Shopping

‘One to One’, ‘One to Many’ or ‘Shop with Friends’. The new ‘normal’ way we shop, socialise and discover products across multiple customer journey touch points.
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NFTs are ‘Non-fungible tokens’. In plain English, that means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else. Eyekandy manages the complete spectrum of elements required to curate and activate a successful NFT project.
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Staying one step ahead

Innovative strategy and creative that grabs the audience and keeps them engaged – something we do time and again for the world’s biggest brands.

Our vision
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