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Our AR solutions

We call it A-Commerce…  Using the latest technology our Augmented Reality Solutions will help you sell more both in-store and online.

Our Augmented Reality Solutions

We deliver Augmented Reality solutions both online and offline, triggered by product packaging, unique codes, brand logos and many other ways. All delivery destinations enable us to provide you with data ‘in the moment’, so we can review and optimise the campaign creative and UI efficiency, as we go.

At a top-level, we deploy A-commerce campaigns (Augmented Reality campaigns) that feature either a specific product, or a brand, experience.

Have a look at ways our clients are deploying Augmented Reality Solutions in-store / online / in App.

Augmented Reality Solutions by Eyekandy, in-store and online

/ SmARt Packaging


/ AR Pos/Logo Launch


/ AR Training


?KPI Statistics for Augmented Reality solutions or campaigns

During your AR campaign we  measure

  • How many shoppers are engaging with your AR campaign?
  • Where are they geographically?
  • What device are they using?
  • How long do they engage with the campaign?
  • What do they do once they have engaged with the experience?
  • And much more