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What is an NFT?

NFTs are assets that carry a unique digital identity and can be traded between users on a public blockchain. Common examples of NFTs include artwork, trading cards, comic books, sports collectibles and more.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. “Non-fungible” means that it is completely unique. “Token” means that it can be transferred on a blockchain.

Although NFTs tend to be associated with artwork, they actually represent much more for brands. There are many complexities to launching a successful NFT portfolio and eyekandy has experienced experts to advise you on the specific path forwards for your brand.


Creative ideation / Artist management

Access our seasoned NFT creatives to bring your project to digital reality.

Smart contracts /
Crypto management

Full creation and deployment service across multiple blockchains.

Programmatic artwork generation

The backend required to layer artwork and generate rarity ranked images for your NFT collection.

Discord setup and moderation

The community is king! 24 hour moderation is essential to ensure active community engagement.

Social creative and management

If no-one knows about it, it’s not going to work. We manage all social promotion directly or with your social media team.

Collabs / influencer partnerships

Critical to NFT success is the valuable relationships eyekandy has with leading influencers.

Site development, contract integration

Reflect key elements together with a robust roadmap. Use optimal methods to grab the attention of the audience.

Build once, deploy everywhere

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