Turning Percy Pig into a viral sensation

Marks & Spencer

Eyekandy brings Marks & Spencer Percy Pig to life in AR

Content Strategy
Eyekandy, one of the world’s leading Augmented Reality (AR) providers for Commerce, has partnered with Marks & Spencer, a major British multinational retailer, to launch a social media first AR experience with everyone’s favourite national treasure Percy Pig. As part of an initiative to engage shoppers in-store across the U.K., M&S has worked alongside Eyekandy to bring Percy to life in a fun, immersive and viral way.
See it live

Tapping into the power of AR, Eyekandy developed an experience that launched across 345 stores and the M&S social channels, where users can see Percy Pig come to life.

Going viral

The initiative is designed to go viral by allowing shoppers who engage with the experience and share to their Instagram account and tag @official_PercyPig.

“Percy Pig is such an iconic M&S brand, and we’re keen to see how fans react to him in new and exciting forms. We felt that creating his first AR filter would be another great way to bring him to life on people’s screens.”

Olivia Jump
Assistant Brand Manager

“This has definitely been one of the most exciting programs we’ve had the privilege to create at Eyekandy. There is something so simple, yet powerful, to bring Percy Pig™ to life in a way that only amplifies the brilliant work coming from the M&S team.”

Joe Golden
Chief Creative Director
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