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Project: Microsoft Surface

Scratching the Surface with Augmented Reality Point & Place®

AR Experience

Microsoft asked us to help them enable shoppers to visualise models of their latest Surface tablet in their home, as part of the shopper consideration process. We produced a photo-realistic AR model, to exact scale, of the tablet. Interactive HotSpots where also added, showcasing key features including; 

How the product folds from monitor state to tablet state along with the touch screen capabilities and the screen sizeThe AR model was then enabled in our Point & Place® AR Global Retail Network so they appeared on hundreds of Microsoft retail product pages automatically.

On average, across the Computing Category, our retail test results showed that of the shoppers who viewed products in Point and Place and placed a product in their home in AR, 44.12% returned to the Currys product page and added to cart, compared to 6.21% that didnt use AR.