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Google AR Search

One in five initial product searches online begins on Google. As ecommerce evolves throughout the years Google has remained the one consistent factor in how businesses look to drive revenue. 

For brands that make the proper investment into their SEO presence and harness the power of this channel it is of the utmost importance that they are making sure it is as impactful and effective as possible.

How can AR help?

Eyekandy has enabled brands and retailers to harness the power of augmented Reality (AR) over recent years as the practical application of it in commerce becomes increasingly apparent. With the advances in the Point & Place® AR Shopping Platform technology that allows AR to be accessed within the web page, without the need for an app, it has only increased in popularity.

Understanding the needs of brands and retailers that we partner with; we now provide the functionality for customers to be able to access AR demos of their products within the Google search engine itself. An example of what this looks like in a browser can be seen in the image for a Samsung RS8000 fridge seen below. Alex Selles, Head of marketing commented; “Augmented Reality is a powerful tool for brands to boost conversions, but the key is to make it as convenient for shoppers as possible. Google AR search makes it even more accessible and sets a new standard for brands.”

Standing out from the competition

The battle to stand out from the competition on Google is endless, but by providing potential customers access to AR within Google, it is a great method at getting their attention. 80% of shoppers who interact with an AR experience spend more than a full minute within it, so the data shows that if you can get shoppers to access it then it will be effective, and this provides an extra channel to do so.

Make your customers shopping experience memorable

This is where AR has so much potential to revolutionise the online shopping landscape. Giving your customers the assurances and certainty they need when making purchases on your online channels will increase your conversion rate, provide a great customer experience and significantly decrease the likelihood of having the product returned.

About Eyekandy

Founded in 2016, in London, United Kingdom, Eyekandy is the world’s leading Augmented Reality agency – working with global brands and retailers to innovate and deploy cutting- edge AR shopper experiences. The team work closely with their brand and retail partners to create a new ‘Discovery Channel’ that educates shoppers with immersive brand and product AR messaging.

Campaigns generate significant social buzz and regularly generate significant sales uplifts across a wide range of product categories. Eyekandy have democratised AR Shopping in retail.

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