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Eyekandy CGI Assets Drive Add to Cart Rate up by 12.32%

CGI assets are proven to provide a demonstrable uplift in conversion for brands who utilise them. Eyekandy data, from working with some of the world’s best known brands, shows that 3D assets alone can boost cart conversion by over 12% when added to the retailer product page.

At Eyekandy we like to show the tangible outcomes our solutions provide. To demonstrate this our team created 3D content to be AB tested with the goal of better understanding how it affected a shopper’s propensity to buy.

The AB test was conducted by Eyekandy’s Shopper Insights and Optimisation (SiO) Partner using a representative sample of products on 10 retailers in 7 countries. An A Group of shoppers was exposed to the Eyekandy CGI asset whilst a ‘B-Group’ was not. This allowed us to test the impact of the CGI asset alone whilst controlling for all other variables.

The result from the test was statistically significant at 97% confidence (t-test). This means that only 3 out of 100 results could have occurred by chance.

Joe Golden, Creative Director commented; “Working within the CGI environment opens up an exciting world of creative opportunities for our brands. By stripping away the limitations of real world production, we can showcase key product USP’s in a way that has been previously inaccessible to point of sale marketing. Our innovative creative solutions that contain our CGI productions are evolving everyday; becoming faster to produce, quicker to localise and (based on this test) proving to have a very positive impact on add to basket conversion”.

“I’m very proud to see true endto- end value and a demonstrable impact from our work. We are a data driven organisation and always testing the assets we take live with our clients to further help optimise future projects and showcase what CGI creative can deliver”.

About Eyekandy

Eyekandy is your ‘end to end’ partner for digital asset production, point of sale marketing solutions and creative innovation.

We are an experienced, talented and highly motivated creative production house. Our team have produced engaging digital content for the world’s largest brands and retailers in a vast array of languages and formats.

By analysing category specific shopper intelligence data, we continuously optimise the content that we produce for our clients. Our assets are designed around content solutions that have been proven to have a positive impact on sales.

We combine the visual art industry with the science of selling more, It’s a solution that has helped our clients boost conversion and deliver high ROI across many different categories.

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