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Point & Place® AR Shopping Boosts Engagement by 105% Following Lockdown

Retailers enabling customers to shop in AR see significant surge in AR adoption and cart conversion across key categories during lockdown period. 

London, UK, May 2020 – Eyekandy, the home of Augmented Reality (AR) and global leader in A-Commerce for retailers and brands, today shared the results of a study on AR engagement across their popular Point & Place® AR Retail Shopping Platform comparing the 5 week period prior to the UK lockdown (15/02/20 – 21/03/20) to the 5 week period following it (21/03/20 – 25/04/20) and highlighting the categories that have benefitted the most.

The study aggregated traffic and cart conversion data from a selection of retailers over the two five-week periods. The 105% increase in engagement reflects the growing importance of online channels in these uncertain times and the willingness for shoppers to increasingly use AR as part of their shopping journey. The study corroborates numbers released by Curry’s, the UK’s largest online electricals retailer, showing an increase of 166% on their online channels in the same time frame.

The study also revealed the categories that have benefitted the most in the weeks following the lockdown through AR usage. The table below shows the percentage increase individual categories had in their Add to Cart clicks between the two periods.

Stephen Molloy, Chief Revenue Officer at Eyekandy commented; “As spending more time at home becomes the new normal and online channels grow in importance, this study highlights an important trend on how AR positively impacts the Add to Cart clicks. Shoppers want confidence in the products they are purchasing and Point & Place® provides that assurance”.

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