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What is a Virtual Store?

A virtual store enables you to showcase your products via your website, and your online retail partners sites in a fully embedded 3D virtual shopping environment.

Virtual Stores enable you to move away from a traditional flat, 2D online retail experience, to an immersive, contextual curated brand experience. Great for brand advocacy, capturing first party data and creating a fun, new way to shop.

Virtual store

Retail Stores (Lightfield capture)

From Flagship store experiences, to time limited pop-ups, design and deploy virtual stores to widen your audience, reduce product returns and increase ROI.

3D Stores

Engage shoppers with 3D rendered virtual store experiences that are deployed by calendar tentpole events, such as the world cup or thanksgiving that are branded and discovery driven.

AR Experience integration

Bring products into your shoppers home with AR product models to deliver an immersive experience enhancing the shopper experience.

Live Video Integration

Enable your shoppers to chat with an expert, watch live video streams or bring friends to shop together.

Add to basket / Checkout

Seamlessly integrate with existing website checkout infrastructure.

Holographic / Digital presenters

Welcome your shoppers with a human presenter or digital avatar.

An opportunity to connect with consumers, without borders, like never before

Discover the Metaverse

Build once, deploy everywhere

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