Frubes Play! Fun, sharable, interactive brand connections with AR!


Watch as the Frubes pack turns into an interactive AR game right before your eyes!

Content Strategy
Product Packaging
eyekandy developed a 'connected packaging' experience in partnership with Yoplait that brings the Frubes product packaging to life. Simply select your own AR Frubes character and the mini-game begins! Once complete, a sharable face filter appears so you can have fun creating and sharing your own Frubes selfies.
Play here!

Featuring an on-pack QR code to launch the game, a nationwide UK roll out has seen impressive engagement numbers.

Step 1 - Scan

Scan the QR code of the Frubes packaging to launch the interactive AR game.

Step 2 - Play Now!

Game Home Screen - learn how to play the game, take a selfie or play now!

Step 3 - select a character and watch as the Frubes box turns into an interactive conveyor belt agility game!

Step 4 - Sharable selfie

Just when you think all the fun is over, a sharable face filter appears. Users can have fun creating their own Frubes selfies with their favourite character - driving further reach and engagement!
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