Product videos

Our product videos are a conversion-driving, online, point-of-sale marketing tool that helps consumers make informed buying decisions at that crucial moment before completing a purchase.

Quick to produce and easy to localise; our product videos are informative, clear, engaging and attractive, deliver your key USP’s in a way that is visual and memorable.


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Feature Videos

Maximise your investment and online video asset coverage by creating ‘Feature Videos’ that can be syndicated in a video gallery, at point of sale, to every product that has the feature in question. Many products within the same categories have a number of similar features so we create one generic asset that highlights one specific function and deliver that to all applicable products in the range.

Introducing your feature
Snackable content

Current Trends

Product Video advertising is continuously evolving. ‘Snackable Content’ assets are short, clear, engaging and educational, typically delivering the key USP’s in less than 60 seconds via animated on screen text layers and backed with brand aligned music. Stay ‘current’ and let EyeKandy produce your point of sale video assets.

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