Interactive video

Create clickable elements within your video assets. With Interactive Video, specified areas within the video frame can be motion tracked allowing the end user to click and interact with the asset.

Additional product information, additional imagery, external links or even click to purchase links can all be placed directly over the moving images as an overlay.

Take a look at the example below and get in touch to speak in more detail on the possibilities.


More information

By harnessing technology that enables us to overlay and motion track ‘clickable’ elements within video assets, a stand alone video file can now contain additional rich content (images, video, copy) whilst also opening up the option to buy directly from the asset itself.

A fully customisable service allows us to design interactive overlays that stay within brand guidelines and can be tailored to direct traffic to selected retailers or the brand website for purchase. The interactive video service is a very powerful marketing tool that can become an end to end research, review and purchase system – the ideal onmichannel asset.

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