Meeting customer demand for AR


Adding major UK luxury retailer Selfridges to a growing portfolio of retailers who are using its AR shopping platform, Point & Place®

Content Strategy
Selfridges was seeking a partner to help them educate and engage their shoppers about products during a time when in-store foot traffic was impacted due to pandemic closures. The ‘shop in AR’ functionality will be made available for many luxury brands on Selfridges website; including Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Christian Louboutin.
See it live

Shoppers will be able to view the products in incredible detail via WebAR, which provides seamless implementation of Eyekandy’s Point & Place® technology that does not require people to download an app to enter the AR experience.

Point & Place® is the world’s most popular AR shopping platform for brands, retailers and shoppers.

It’s been well justified by our brand partners as a solid ROI initiative. With the impressive results from one of Europe’s biggest retailers, we are thrilled that the hard work and investment in the technology is perfectly placed to reduce the ‘imagination gap’ for shoppers when shopping online’

“Our shoppers are demanding more interactivity, immersion and personalisation across all shopping channels. The Eyekandy AR shopping platform was easy to implement and instantly delivered the Augmented Reality shopping features we needed.”

Tuf Gavaz
Innovation Lead

“Selfridges is perfectly placed to enable their shoppers with a new, fun, immersive and educational way to shop across all sales channels with AR.”

Oli Lacigova
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