Engaging the next generation of recruits


The NHS is one of the central pillars to society within the UK.

Content Strategy
The Joined Up Careers (JUC) team, who recruit on behalf of the NHS and social care in Derbyshire, were seeking a more interactive and engaging approach to get potential recruits excited about a career with them. To accomplish this, they partnered with Eyekandy to create an interactive billboard utilising Augmented Reality image recognition technology. Potential recruits scan the different professions in the billboard with their phones, each of which represents a different career option.
See it live

Once a profession has been selected the AR experience triggers a robotic arm which appears on the user’s phone to show a video demonstration of what that career path may look like.

Creating a more engaging, informative and memorable experience for a potential recruit than reading a brochure.

“We wanted to find new ways to interact with people who may be interested in working with the NHS. Eyekandy allowed us to do that by showcasing the breadth of opportunities we offer. It was a new and innovative way for us to approach this and we look forward to seeing the results.”

Susan Spray
Programme Lead, Joined UP Careers
Derbyshire NHS

“This project showcases how many different use cases there are for Augmented Reality as well as how comfortable people are with using the technology. It was great to work with the NHS and we look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Joe Golden
Creative Director
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