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Point & Place® AR Shopping drove a 62% Add To Cart rate for the television category.

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Eyekandy, the global leader in A-Commerce for retailers and brands, today shared the results of a two-month, dedicated Television Category test, focusing on the sales uplift impact of the Point & Place® AR shopping platform on major UK retailer DixonsCarphone. The test, deployed on the site, analysed over 535,000 shoppers and ran across a range of products in the Television Category and on average, across the Television Category, test results showed that of the shoppers who viewed products in Point and Place® and placed a product in their home in AR, 62.12% returned to the Currys product page and added to cart.
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62% of users returned to the Currys product page and added to cart. In contrast, shoppers who did not use Point and Place®, the test recorded only 8% of shoppers added to cart.

Point & Place® is the world’s most popular AR shopping platform for brands, retailers and shoppers.

It’s been well justified by our brand partners as a solid ROI initiative. With the impressive results from one of Europe’s biggest retailers, we are thrilled that the hard work and investment in the technology is perfectly placed to reduce the ‘imagination gap’ for shoppers when shopping online’

Award winning engagement

Point & Place® has won numerous awards including; Best Use of Multichannel award at the prestigious London eCommerce Awards, UK App Awards Winner, Best Business Awards (Best Innovation), Marketing PR Design Awards Winner (Most Innovative Shopping Platform) and BMA Best Mobile App (Finalist).

‘Fantastic to see the Point & Place® AR Platform having a positive impact with our shoppers. Not only are we seeing encouraging add to cart rates when shoppers place the products in AR in their own home, but we are also seeing them use the platform on an ongoing basis’.

Stuart Ramage
Online Trading Director

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Offering a, free, ‘Instant On’ for retailers to offer AR shopping. With a portfolio of over a thousand, high quality, AR product models, across fifteen product categories including; Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Apparel, Furniture and more. Eyekandy have democratised AR Shopping in retail for the many, not just the few.

Democratising AR shopping in retail for the many, not just the few.

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