Bacardi Superior Rum - AR Vinyl Coaster - Do what moves you!


Everything 'tastes' better on vinyl! Bacardi Superior Rum created an Augmented Reality (AR) dancing vinyl coaster experience with eyekandy for cocktail drinkers in the USA!

Augmented Reality
Content Strategy
You’ve just watched the bartender mix your favourite Bacardi Superior Rum cocktail, but what's next after you take that first sip? 

eyekandy and Bacardi Superior created a fun, engaging AR vinyl experience that friends could play together. Firstly, place your cocktail on the vinyl record coaster, then the vinyl record comes to life in front of your eyes, spinning and dancing the night away...
try it here!

Bacardi wanted an experience that could engage consumers in a new and exciting way when drinking cocktails within bars/restaurants selling Bacardi. 

Tech Pioneer

They wanted the AR experience to educate the consumer of new ways to enjoy Bacardi Superior cocktails, as well as increasing engagement and sales - presenting them as tech pioneers in the Food and Beverage (FAB) space.

QR codes were printed on drinks mats in venues selling Bacardi Superior across America. eyekandy, one of the world’s leading Augmented Reality (AR) providers, designed and created the interactive AR experience which incorporated the fun, exciting and music elements of going out to a restaurant/bar. 

Name in Lights!

Bright neon Bacardi branding featured throughout the experience and drinkers could take a picture of their drink within the live AR display to share their content, further promoting the brand.

This resulted in an immersive brand experience that enhanced consumer engagement in a fun & unique way.  

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