Social & Environmental Responsibility Policy

Policy Brief and Purpose

This Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy outlines EyeKandy’s commitment to conducting our business ethically and responsibly with consideration for our environment. We do not believe that it is our sole mission to achieve these standards; our Policy is part of a connected system consisting of people, organisations, values and nature. As a service provider, our solutions do not have a direct impact on the environment, but we are aware of the impact that a global business of our size can have on the environment, regardless of what products or services we supply. We believe that our professional, social, ethical and environmental conduct impacts our reputation and that of our stakeholders, including our clients. As such, business ethics, environmental initiatives, community involvement, and employee health and safety are all integral to our success as an organisation.


This policy applies to EyeKandy Limited, our staff and our Suppliers. We welcome our customers adopting and deploying this Policy.

Policy elements

EyeKandy wants to be a responsible business that meets the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We will consider all aspects and interested parties before deciding on our actions. As with all operations and activities, we seek to achieve an alignment with EyeKandy’s culture and objectives as well as with shareholder’s interests. As an organisation, we take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously and we are committed to integrating our policies and initiatives across our company’s operation to ensure we address and monitor all aspects of the impact we have on society and the environment. This does not include any action that is required or prohibited by local or international law.

EyeKandy’s action against this policy can be classified into the following two commitments: Compliance (our Hallmarks) and Proactivity (our Initiatives). Compliance refers to EyeKandy’s commitment to legality and willingness to observe the values of community and the environment while conducting our business. Proactiveness is evidenced in the initiatives we may take during the course of running our business to help our staff, the community or natural environment, and to promote human rights.

Hallmarks of Social & Environmental Responsibility


EyeKandy will adhere to legal guidelines in terms of procedures, fair dealing and safety. Every partnership or collaboration with external parties or organisations will be open and transparent. Corporate value and financial benefits will result only from legitimate business operations and activities. It will always respect the Law including anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices. EyeKandy is committed to honour our own self-regulatory policies.

Business ethics

EyeKandy is committed to conducting business with integrity and with respect to human rights and international justice. We are committed to several aspects of business ethics such as respect towards the consumer, moral corporate governance, anticorruption practices, and honest and transparent business dealings. EyeKandy will observe the values that dominate our surroundings and will comply with the moral expectations of society.

Protecting the environment

EyeKandy recognises the need to protect the natural environment and accepts responsibility for the harmful effects our operations have on both the local and global environment, and is committed to reducing our impact. We are committed to measuring our impact on the environment and to setting targets for ongoing improvement.

We are committed to minimising waste by evaluating our operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible. We will minimise toxic emissions through the selection and use of our Carbon-efficient transfer fleet and transport partners. We actively promote recycling internally and require the same amongst our customers and suppliers.

Our fundamental focus is to source an energy efficient range of equipment to minimise our environmental impact of both production and distribution. Eyekandy will meet (or, where possible, exceed) all the environmental legislations that relate to our business operation – and we insist that our Clients and Suppliers aim to achieve the same.

Preserving the environment

In addition to our statutory obligations that are required by law, EyeKandy is committed to preserving the global environment that we work and live in. Conserving energy, recycling, reforestation and incorporating environment-friendly technologies are some of the activities to which EyeKandy will give serious attention. We are committed to enhancing the environment ensuring a sustainable natural and business environment for generations to come.

Protecting people

EyeKandy will ensure all employees and the external community will not be put to risk from health and safety hazards resulting from Eyekandy’s actions. It will also try to refrain from negatively influencing the lives of local and indigenous people by supporting diversity and the preservation of important cultural elements. We will regularly audit our compliance against our Health and Safety policy to ensure that our staff enjoy a safe, stress-free and comfortable working environment.

Human rights

EyeKandy is dedicated to protecting and enhancing human rights. We will remain a committed equal opportunity employer and will incorporate all fair labour practices in employee relations. We are committed to routinely auditing our Equal Opportunities policy to ensure that our relationship with Clients, suppliers and staff remains unabated. We will also ensure that our business activities do not directly or indirectly support violations of human rights stipulations in any country.

Initiatives of Social & Environmental Responsibility

Donations & Aid

EyeKandy may preserve a budget to make monetary donations. The purpose of our charity will be twofold: they will not only be intended to advance the arts, community events and education but also to alleviate those in need.


We will encourage our employees to volunteer through relevant programs. This can refer to programs that are internally organised or programs by external organisations in which EyeKandy will participate.

Supporting the community

EyeKandy may initiate or support several community investment programs. We will commit to evaluating ways in which we can provide support and expertise to not-for-profit organisations or local and international movements that promote cultural and economic development of global and local communities.

Learning & Development

EyeKandy will actively invest in R&D to discover ways to optimise procedures and the use of resources or material. Eyekandy will commit to assisting in the development of talents in our community by offering apprenticeships programs. Generally, we will be committed to not only increase our revenues but also to changing and improving the way we operate while providing opportunities to learn.

Eyekandy is committed to the United Nations Global Compact and the IECC Code of Conduct and will prioritise any action that will promote our identity as a socially and environmentally aware and responsible business. Management and leadership in our organisation actively communicate this policy at all internal levels. We hold ourselves accountable for maintaining our policy and auditing our success under the international guidelines on social and environmental responsibility to ensure that our, and our suppliers’ conformance is achieved.


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