Virtual Reality (VR)

It’s all about what we call the ‘Presence Effect‘.

Being there. Being involved. Being part of the action.

Virtual Reality has finally come of age and enables you to exploit the medium to maximum effect to promote your brand and products to consumers. To include your consumers in a more unique and personal way than ever before.

Much has been written about VR

At EyeKandy, we are a full service Virtual Reality production company. We create exceptional Virtual Reality and 360 degree immersive experiences and films. Whilst excited about the medium, we like to ensure that we keep our focus on the reality, of Virtual Reality.

We like to cut through the hype and really consult about how to ensure maximum impact for our Clients objectives, using the same approach that we have done for over a decade with traditional video. It’s a new medium, it’s getting embraced by more and more brands and consumers and we’re here to navigate you safely through the hype to a fantastic experience to meet your objectives.

Case studies

EyeKandy Virtual Reality Case Study (pdf, 105 KB)

Virtual Tours

Bell Studios Tour

Oak Cottage House Tour

Custom designed and printed Cardboard VR Headsets

Increase experience coverage by producing printed cardboard virtual reality headsets.

Either distributed at trade shows and events or delivered directly to the end user, the cardboard platform allows anyone with a smart phone to experience VR. An effective way to reach a wider audience and promote brand awareness.

360 Video Production

360 video production involves the creation of a fully spherical, immersive video. The content can be viewed in a Virtual Reality headset such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or via a VR viewer like the Google Cardboard. 360 videos can even be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube to reach a wider audience.

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Whilst the reality of our busy lives doesn’t allow all of our consumers to actually be there, VR delivers the next best thing, and in some cases, it’s better than actually being there!

Imagine being able to invite everyone to a front row seat at your product launch. Ensure everyone gets the best view, the best ‘one on one’ time, the best pitch! Eyekandy can ensure everyone is a VIP at your event. A popular first step in VR experiences and the ‘presence’ effect.

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